Wonderful Creatures

I have been exploring the creatures of the deep since I was a child. It always intrigued me how some fishes could live over 5000m deep down…I find it fascinating.

This links to the main concept of my most recent series ‘The Weird and Wonderful Deep Sea Creatures’. In this series, I use archive images of Pelican Eels to giant jellyfish, along some very ancient ones like the Dunkleosteus or the Mauisaurus. Own creations such as the imaginary creatures: Space Mermaid and the Woman-Flower from Music Nectar seek to expand the mind and bring a new level of poetry into the pieces.

The creatures are set in imaginary worlds in order to challenge ways of perception. There is no set narrative. The space, the sea and land are merged in order to allow the creatures move around freely.

>> Explore this series online
>> Two of the wonderful creatures (‘Space Mermaid’ and ‘Music Nectar’ are now on the permanent exhibition at the Chester Art Centre).

The artworks shown above are unique one-off framed pieces available for private purchase, get in touch to find out more.