Creating meaningful brands



These are some examples of the logos I’ve designed. Some of my clients have contacted me to create their brand from scratch, whilst some others required a revamp of their current logos. Either way, I make sure from the start we have a clear goal and that we are on the same page in terms of what you are looking to achieve with your new/refreshed brand. I reinforce meeting up / having a Skype chat to do a brainstorming session which is always good fun and we get to create together whilst also getting to know each other. With ‘creating together’ I mean having a creative flow of ideas, anything that comes out of this session is always productive! After that I go back to my studio and create some options for you to choose from. Tight schedule? Not sure what you want? Don’t worry, I can help!


your brand bible

Once you own a strong brand, its time to make sure every aspect of it is accurate and consistent. In order to achieve this (and make sure it keeps happening) a detailed brand bible will ensure that all the elements that conform your brand are sustained by a clear and detailed scheme of elements: typography, colour, images/graphics, merchandising, all of it clearly structured. Brand bibles exist not only for your reference (and pride!) but to make sure any people in touch with the brand, your employees or any designers involved in creating anything for your brand are on the same page. It is crucial to ensure consistency. You don’t want someone to mess up with the colours of your logo or use a different font or some random colour decision when creating a new word document for example. If everything is created within the parameters specified from the start then you are set for success.