A collection of one of a kind handmade collages

I have a vast collection of phrases and characters I’ve been collecting throughout the years which belong from the 1930’s to 1950’s magazines. I usually combine them with acrylics and other objects such as seaweed, shells, petals. There is a unique and poetic meaning to each of collage.

My passion for graphic design not always influences my art, but it does a lot on these. I love using typography - big letter blocks on their own as well as sentences in order to create a small narrative.

These collages are on display and available for purchase at the Chester Art Centre [132 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HT]

Exploring the world of the deep sea


In the series shown below ‘The Weird and Wonderful Deep Sea Creatures’ surrealism is embraced by exploring the beauty, strange and unusual appearance of sea living creatures.

Scenes that are out of this world are created by juxtaposition and unusual combination of elements. Bright bold colours gain protagonism by bringing to life the creatures that have long become extinct...and of other ones which belong to my imaginary world. 

These artworks have been created by using a variety of techniques, from drawing, painting, photography and digital illustration. Some of these are handmade originals and others are a combination of different medias which have been photographed and combined digitally in order to produce fine art prints.

Each of these are printed on the highest archival quality paper.